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Stroke prevention in cardiovascular procedures

How to reduce the risk of brain damage

​The online training programme 'Stroke Prevention in Cardiovascular Procedures' was realized by the combined efforts of clinicians who work daily in the field of cardiovascular medicine, the Department of Patient Safety/ VMSzorg, and ZonMw; The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development. The programme will highlight how the risk of cerebral embolization can be reduced.

The tutorial is also meant for medical specialists who consider using the A-View technique in their own practice. In order to follow the hands-on skills training in the operating room, you will have to pass the final rest successfully.


The programme ‘Stroke prevention in cardiovascular procedures: A-View Advanced course’ is setup chronological and consists of two separate parts:

Part I Patient safety & the main essentials of the A-View method:

  • Module 1 consists of a patient case presented by doctor A.P. (Arno) Nierich, Isala, Zwolle, The Netherlands. This case presentation will be followed by a lecture on the relation between local anatomy and the TOE images by doctor D. (Diederik) van Dijk, anaesthesiologist-intensivist from the University Medical Center of Utrecht. Mondially, he is well known through his extensive research work in this area, which is focussed in particular on the neuropsychological effects of surgeries such as off-pump CABG.
  • In module 2, doctor K.E. (Kristine) Kofman will explain to you the anatomical details of the general anatomy of the upper mediastinum, anatomy directly related to A-View and echographic anatomy.
  • In module 3, doctor Nierich will explain all preparatory steps of the A-View technique in two lectures.

Part II Imaging the blind spot before ECC or TAVI procedures:

  • Part II of the Stroke Prevention in Cardiovascular Procedures programme explains how to image the blind spot of TOE before ECC and TAVI procedures with diagnostic devices.
  • In module 4 Arno Nierich presents the A-View TOE views. All details pertaining to the technique, such as: scientific support, risks of the A-View and basic A-View TOE & reporting on the findings are discussed.
  • Module 5 discusses the perspectives of doctor G.J. (George) Brandon Bravo Bruinsma, cardiothoracic surgeon, on stroke prevention in cardiac surgery.
  • Module 6 contains a lecture with the perspective of the cardiologist, doctor W.W. (Wouter) Jansen Klomp, trainee cardiologist, on stroke prevention in interventional cardiology.

For Whom?

Thoracic surgeons, cardiologists and (thoracic) anaesthesiologists or medical specialists who consider using the A-View technique in their own practice.


The blended learning programme of both online parts includes: 8 hours of study time, an online theoretical test, a skills training of 1 day and a return hands-on afternoon. In addition, the tutorial has additional literature (research articles) available.


This training is not accredited.

Skills training

The blended training programme can be followed online. Data for the skills training will be planned in close consultation. A test result of 70% or higher for the theoretical test is required to start before you can start with the hands-on skills training. This training will take place in Isala Zwolle, The Netherlands.


The training programme can be offered free thanks to support and funding from ZonMw, Achmea, VMSzorg and Isala.

Training dates and registration

The tutorial is 24/7 available. After registration you will receive a login account. Information and register.

More information?

If you need additional information, the staff of the Isala Academy will be pleased to provide you with more details. They areavailable on work days between 08.30 and 17.00, phone number (0031) 38 424 81 88.

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