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​Isala has a Patient and Client Council which represents the common interests of clients and patients who use the hospital. This leaflet describes what the Patient and Client Council does and how you can contact the Council.

What does the Patient and Client Council do?

The Patient and Client Council advises the Executive Board of the hospital on all matters of importance to patients, their family members and visitors to Isala. The Patient and Client Council can provide advice when requested by the Executive Board, but it can also independently address matters related to the provision of care and services.

The Patient and Client Council issues advice on matters including:

  • monitoring, control or improvement of the quality of care;
  • safety;
  • nutrition, health and hygiene;
  • spiritual care/social assistance;
  • major renovations;
  • significant changes to the organization;
  • significant changes to long-term partnerships or mergers with other organizations;
  • appointment of members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board;
  • budget and annual accounts.

For the sake of clarity, the Patient and Client Council always focuses on the general interest of patients and their families. The Council does not handle individual complaints from patients. Any complaints are dealt with by the hospital’s complaints officer.

Who is part of the Patient and Client Council?

The Patient and Client Council has up to nine members who are all from the hospital’s catchment area. The Patient and Client Council was established in 2017.


If you have any questions after reading this information, or would like to find out more, the administrative secretary of the Patient and Client Council would be happy to assist you and can be reached at (038) 424 80 72 or (06) 13 57 36 08. You can also send an email to

23 november 2018 / 7989

Voor specifieke vragen aan een afdeling, ga naar de contactpagina. U kunt ook kijken bij de meestgestelde vragen.