1. 7993-Visiting policy children isolation (EN)

Bezoekregels bij een kind in isolatieverpleging

If a child has an infectious disease, such as bronchiolitis (respiratory infection) or gastroenteritis (‘stomach flu’), he or she will be temporarily cared for in isolation. This is done to minimize the risk of transmitting the disease to others. The child may receive visitors, but there are certain restrictions in place. The visiting policy is described below.

Visiting policy

  • Parents and visitors do not have to wear gloves, but they must disinfect their hands when they leave.
  • Infants and visitors with reduced immunity are advised not to visit.
  • Please do not exceed the maximum of two visitors per patient at any one time.
  • If you want to visit another patient in the hospital, visit that patient first before visiting the child in isolation.
  • Sitting in the coffee room during the visit is not permitted. However, you may get coffee, tea or breakfast and take it with you to your child’s room.
  • Brothers and sisters are allowed to visit, but may not play in the corridor during the visit. They must also disinfect their hands when they leave the room. Visiting the patient also puts them at risk of contracting the disease. Children over six years of age are generally immune to certain diseases, such as bronchiolitis, and therefore can no longer contract this infection.
  • Please use the sanitary facilities in your child’s room.
  • If your child has been admitted with bronchiolitis or gastroenteritis, you may use the coffee room for parents in the pediatric department. Unfortunately, in the case of other infectious diseases, you are not allowed to use other rooms in the pediatric department. In such cases you can obtain coffee or tea from the nutrition assistant. This prevents the risk of transmission of the disease to other patients.


If you have any questions about the nursing and medical care provided to your child, please feel free to ask the nurses or the department doctor. They will be happy to assist you. The department pediatrics can be reached at 088 624 14 35.

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