1. 8216-Checklist preparation for operation (EN)

Checklist preparation for operation

In preparation for your operation, you have a consultation with the nurse. During the consultation, the nurse will mark which advice applies to you.

No eating or drinking before the operation

See folder General anaesthesia (narcosis).
See folder Lumbar puncture (spinal).
See folder Plexus anaesthesia.

Blood collection

You must have blood samples taken on the day of admission. We will make an appointment for you.
You should have blood tests before the day of admission. Blood samples can only be done by appointment. You can make an appointment yourself at or by phone at 088 624 23 77.


O  Bring your medication with you in the original packaging.
O  Treatment wit Eprex.

Make-up, nails, body lotion and jewellery

On the day of the operation:
O  No make-up, nail varnish, body lotion and/or artificial nails.
O  No jewellery or piercings (advice: leave it at home).
O  Wash your hands well and cut your nails short.

Do not shave or depilate

O 1 week before the operation: to prevent infections, do not shave or depilate the surgical area.
O 2 weeks before the operation: to prevent infections, do not shave or depilate the surgical area.


O  Home Care shop: crutches / rollator /

O  Own aids: glucose meter / CPAP  / INR meter​​

O  Bag for clothes, no suitcase

Home care and Social assistance (WMO)

O  Call a home care organisation of your choice for an admission interview. Bring the contact details with you to the nursing department.
O  For domestic support, contact the municipality for WMO.
O  Ask your health insurer about possible further support options.


O  Call a physiotherapist when you know the date of the operation.

Changes in your health

O  If something changes in your medication use, please let us know by telephone.
O  If you have an infection or a fever, please contact your GP, and pass this on to the specialist who is going to operate.


If you have any questions, you can call:

Preoperative Examination
088 624 21 39 (available from Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 17:00)

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